Monday, January 28, 2013

favourite ladies

Hola muchachos, today Ive decided to show you some of my favourtie fashion blogs of the moment, not that they need any more publicity! They are all wonderful and either lead awesome lives or have an amazing style or i just simply think they are pretty cool!
First of all Tigerlily, a 17 year old blogger from Brighton. Her style is so cool and pretty laid back. Shes great at mixing and matching different piece around and she never fails to look great. She has amazing long dirty blonde hair and her blog posts are always really down to earth and friendly. Shes good at replying to comments and seems like a really lovely girl! Shes great at bargain hunting and Im so jealous of all the great pieces she finds!

Erika Bowes, is another blogger from England  I first came across her via her tumblr ( which is pretty awesome. I then found out she has a blog and fell in love with it. Shes is so cool, her fashion sense really is impeccable and super out-there. Its great to have seen her style evolve from a cute long hair quite girly girl to what she is today. Definitely worth checking out!

One of my favorite blogger of all time, Amy valentine. When this pink hair beauty start following me I slightly shrieked! Shes so good at posting and usually has a new outfit up every few days. Im so so jealous of her pastel pink hair. Her style is super cool and i was delighted when she recently started making videos. Love love love her blog.

And a few more...

And of course there are loads and loads more but theses are my favourites!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



 Howdidu, The other day I redecorated my room abit, whilst doing this I got round to sorting through my wardrobe, only to realize I was missing basics! So I took advantage of the sales and went out and bought my self a few bits. 
Ive been wanting a tight, three quarter length sleeve baseball top for ages now, so when I saw this one in H&M I was delighted, even thought it wasn't red and white as I wanted (and its a bit baggier than i wanted). The next piece I bought was a black velvet peplum top. I had been a bit reluctant to the whole peplum trade, I like the shape but somehow it seemed a bit too girly for my liking. But when I saw this black one for only 3 euros, I thought it was perfect for a night out. Finally I got just a simple cropped knitted jumper. Its quite baggy perfect to just throw on top of a tight top or wear with something high waisted.

Excuse the extremely short post, my laptop has broken and has to be taken to the repair shop, therefore I am having to post off my ever-so-slow family computer. Despite this little inconvenience I have good news! My exams are officially over tomorrow so I will have a lot more time on my hands and hopefully start posting much more regularly with a few more outfits and less blab! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


This week has been pretty (extremely) boring. I have a load of exams next week so I stayed at home in attempt to study loads, this was a complete fail and I have ended up staying home all weekend and not having done much work at all. However, the procrastination did lead me to do some other bits and bobs that I had been meaning to do for a while.

I did go out for a little while on friday night just to a friends house with a few people. I wore my new galaxy leggings which i had been desperate to wear out, black vans, my joy division top and black hoodie layered under an oversize denim jacket. I just stuck my hair up in a messy ponytail and i was ready to go! The next picture are my beautiful docs, which are second hand, orange and wonderful, which i  am yet to wear! I need to think of some outfits to pair them with, as I think they are such  timeless and beautiful shoes.

I recently made this wonderful colourful cake with my best friend (you can watch the video HERE). It looks so cool and its so easy to make. Then over this weekend Ive been doing my bedroom up a bit. I went out with my dad to buy some simple draws from IKEA and have been building them today. Yesterday I decided to begin the battle with my clothes monster and drag everything out of my wardrobe and sort through clothes I just didn't wear and put everything away neatly. And yes, it was a very time consuming process. Finally here is the beautiful view from where I work. Pictures like this make me really appreciate where I have grown up and am lucky enough to call home.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Bon giorno, today I have a little bit of a haul for you guys of a few bits that Ive got over the past few weeks. First of all I was sent this wonderful pair of galaxy burning fire leggings from Romwe, they are really quite thin but fit perfectly and are not see through at all. And of course the pattern is amazing. Then I got just a simple burgundy patterned loose vest top from new look, which is pretty simple but i needed some plain tops that werent black or grey. Sticking to the burgundy trend I bagged myself this simple beanie off ebay, which was really cheap and does the job! And finally, an item i had been lusting over for over a year new. DISCO PANTS! Now i have to admit they are not real disco pants, they are the yayer, cheaper version, however they are lovely and the only inconvenience i  have found so far is that they are quite baggy by the ankle as the leg is a bit too long for me. However I adore them and they are such a versatile piece, they can be worn with almost anything.

Burgandy beanie ebay; HERE
Yayer black disco or die pants: HERE
Romwe Burning fire leggings; HERE
New look Plum zip pocket vest: HERE

Procrastinating to the maximum here guys, but i had been intending to get this haul up for a while now, all I have to do now is find the right spot to take some good outfit pictures. I have a long list of posts im excited to get to work with, so i hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, January 7, 2013


'Whatever' beanie: local hero HERE
Gold hoop engraved earrings: Topshop HERE
Contrast colour 'Army funny G' Pullover: Romwe HERE
Jeffery campbell Black, silver spiked lita: Available in many place (solestuck, nastygal, office...)

Hola muchachos, so sales are here and i have christmas money so I came to the conclusion that it was the perfect time to do some internet browsing. Ive found so much amazing stuff and have actually purchased some things which I cant wait to share with you guys.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beanies from local hero and i think you guys should check them out definitely, I'm almost 100% sure i will be purchasing a beanie from them soon! I was torn with which one to put on my wishlist, I love this WHATEVER one but there is another beanie that says 'bad hair day' which is super cool aswell. The jumper I saw and fell in love with straight away, the pattern and all the colours are beautiful. Then a good old pair of Jeffery Campbells which i have been lusting over for absolutely ages! And finally Ive been loving hoop earings recently and I found this pair from topshop which are exactly what i was looking for, but to my dismay, they are out of stock. Fingers crossed sooner or later they will be back in stock somehow and if not ill have to go on a search for some others.

Im gonna be super busy at the moment due to exams, so i doubt i will be able to post too much, but you never know, procrastination levels might rise and drive me to post loads. Who knows?